Captain George LaBonte- "Your Outdoors Professional for 40 years"



Demand Excellence

Offshore Sportfishing is not an inexpensive endeavor for the most part. Many of our guests save up their vacation fund over the course of a calendar work year, eagerly looking forward to the day when we break the inlet and head East. For others more fortunate, cost is less of an issue and we sail on a regular basis. 

What we promise you is that everybody receives the same level of service either way. The bottom line is that NOBODY wants to succeed more than your crew each and every day. We thrive on making our guests happy and achieving the goals we set out to reach each time we leave the dock. 

You deserve the very best and it is our mission to deliver it to you. 

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Aspire to Improve

We take great pride in our ability to teach our guests as much as we can on the water every day. Regardless of your level of ability, we work to share our knowledge and a few secrets with everyone onboard. We invite you to be as "hands on" as you wish and learn as you go, while we catch your trophy of a lifetime. If you leave the water knowing a little more than when we started each day you ultimately enjoy yourself more on subsequent visits.

Already an accomplished veteran? Maybe you can trade a few of your secrets with us, we never stop learning out here and the day that we do... (well, you know) 



Enjoy the Ride

There are many facets to a day offshore that make your day memorable. Fishing alone is only a part of the day. While we make every effort to stay at the front of the pack and have remained there as high liners for many years, there are some things that are just beyond our control. Mother Nature can throw you a curve when you least expect it and affect the outcome of your day in a way that you'd rather have otherwise.

We encourage our guests to experience the total package to ensure maximum enjoyment. Whether it's the bird life, marine mammals, the incredible power of the Gulfstream, good times with friends, the lack of ringing telephones, or just breathing some fresh air that nobody else has breathed for awhile- it all makes for a more complete experience.