Captain George is also available for hire on a daily basis for tournament fishing worldwide.

The face of tournament fishing has changed dramatically over the last few years. With cash payouts and Calcutta money climbing well into the six figure range these days, it takes a lot more than hard work and a little luck to find your crew in the winners circle anymore. Any boat that is consistently up on the stage getting checks, has a TEAM made up of a highly skilled captain(s), crew, and anglers working hard to finish on top. Most competitive crews are made up of several add on members who only fish on these boats during an event. Well seasoned crew members who spend hours before, during, and after the competition catching bait, making rigs, networking with other fisherman, getting the boat in top condition, must also be ultra sharp anglers with eyes like a hawk and be able to stay focused all day with a single objective- to WIN each battle and ultimately, each event.

I am happy to share my enthusiasm and ability along with over forty years of experience as a professional with your team for any event, big or small, as a Captain, Mate, Angler, Photographer, or All of the above, for your next tournament venture. My track record speaks for itself, let me help you get one step closer to that stage. Have passport, will travel worldwide.